The medical evaluation consists of:

Detailed History: current symptoms, medications, habits (alcohol, smoking), exercise, diet, allergies to drugs, family history, other medical problems.

Physical Exam: careful measurement of blood pressure in both arms, exam of carotid arteries for bruits, cardiac auscultation, abdominal exam for detection of aortic aneurysm

Non-invasive Tests: Electrocardiogram, and when indicated exercise treadmill test with imaging (either thallium/nuclear or echocardiography), carotid and abdominal ultrasound.

Blood Tests: Lipid profile, lipoprotein (a) , C-reactive protein, homocysteine. Also,full evaluation of other systems (e.g. thyroid, diabetes test, kidney, liver, blood counts, etc) that can affect the cardiovascular system.

Cardiologist: Evaluation by a cardiologist if abnormalities detected in above evaluation, especially if there is a positive family history.

Important factors:

Why bother with early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease?

Proven prevention of stroke and heart attack with: