Our Team
Anne Thorson, MS, MD
is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at UCSF and an Associate Director of the UCSF Center for Prevention of Heart and Vascular Disease. She joined the Cardiology faculty at UCSF in 1999 after ten years in private practice at California Pacific Medical Center where she served as director of Cardiac Rehabilitation Services. In addition, she functioned as medical director for the “Health Champions” Program, an innovative program to promote health and wellness in San Francisco school children.

Since joining the faculty at UCSF, she has served as medical director of the Heart Disease Reversal Program, which assessed the effects of rigorous lifestyle modification in patients with coronary artery disease. She is currently the supervising attending physician in the Non-invasive Cardiac Stress Laboratory, evaluating patients referred for diagnosis and treatment of various cardiac conditions.

Dr. Thorson has an avid interest in early identification and intervention in persons at potential risk of developing heart and vascular disease. Her other ongoing interests include assessment and treatment of cardiovascular disease in women and newer Non-invasive imaging technologies in cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Thorson is a graduate of Stanford University and Stanford University School of Medicine.